About us

We Are

We are an Amsterdam based web agency with a lions heart. Founded in 2015 and set out to change the web for the better. We love awesome stuff.

We're always on the lookout for good ideas and fun projects to work on. We do everything from concept relalisation, design, UIX, front-end, back-end, apps and data analysis.

The team
Friends and family. Working together, making awesome stuff and having fun!
Kasper Meilgaard
Git maniac
Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra
Design/UIX Guru
Wouter Meilgaard
Java Whizkid
Carlo van Loenhout
Chief Front-end



That's all for now!

Give us a call at +31 644220976 and make an appointment, or just drop by!

Shy people can e-mail to: info@thedutchweb.nl

Don't worry! We also have non-organic tea, and serve cappucino after eleven.